Future of Business Report 2015 - The Road to Growth.



Future of Business Report 2015 - The Road to Growth.


the new battleground.

Each year after Optus' (Australia's second largest telco) Thought leadership conference, Optus would release a report focusing on a key focal point. In 2015, it was "Road to Growth - are Australian businesses ready?".

Thought Leadership was defined in Forbes Magazines as “simply about becoming an authority on relevant topics by delivering the answers to the biggest questions on the minds of your target audience.” 

But sharing answers is only half the story. We set out to achieve a solution that allowed active participation with Optus' Future of Business Report. Participation that extended beyond the conference and the dialogue of experts, across to the everyday business owners who were at the core of Optus' customer base.


active participation.

The challenge for the 2015 Future of Business Report was to adopt a new approach that would motivate active participation beyond its initial distribution. To do this we created a platform that would allow any voice to be heard.

From industry leaders, thought leaders, Optus experts and the business community, we allowed all to speak and interact throughout the report and to take the ultimate test - "How change-ready do you think your business is?" 



By studying best-practice examples, we created a responsive solution that allowed the audience to engage with each other, no matter what platform they were on. Encouraging interactivity was at the heart of this design approach, with the reader being able to highlight, share, debate and question any piece of content. 


future thoughts.

The end result was that the Future of Business Report was no longer a complementary takeaway, but became a focal-point for discussion and thought leadership and a new reason for business owners to look to Optus for future thought leadership. 



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