Helping big business talk to small business.



Helping big business talk to small business.


the ol' 80/20.

Coca-Cola Amatil approached DT with a problem. Of it's 700,000 active customers, their representatives were spending 80% of their time focusing on the small day-to-day customer, and not having enough time to pursue bigger and profitable business opportunities.

The brief – create a winning prototype solution that allows new and existing small businesses to interact with Coca-Cola Amatil through a digital channel, freeing up the sales person to pursue new opportunities.  


tell us about yourself.

Our approach was to get out there and spend time with the customers and CCA staff – spend time with their customers, sales people and delivery drivers. Identify what the gaps and opportunities were and create prototypes to test these findings.

Using big data from CCA, we created two responsive prototypes that serviced both CCA staff and customers in real-time.

In addition, a simple on-boarding questionnaire allowed prospective customers to understand the benefits that CCA products could bring to their business. 


rob, meet jess.

Complementing the customer-focused portal, we created a prototype mobile app that allowed CCA sales people to organise appointments, create quick orders and check on clients' needs, all within simple interactions.  


cca meet dt.

After 2 weeks of furious user testing, experience design workshops, prototyping and developing, we created 2 winning solutions that confirmed for Coca-Cola Amatil that we were the right agency to partner with.  



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