a new town square.

With the urban sprawl defining the Australian metropolitan landscapes, QIC have identified that residents don't need another mall. They need a new place to visit. A place to meet friends, new and old. A place where commerce takes second place. A place to call their Town Square. 

At Lowe Profero, we were tasked with defining this physical ideal into a complimentary digital offering. A digital ecosystem where the local community would feel encouraged to visit the physical. Where the voice of the Town Square could reach it's digital audience.  


the mall is dead.

The first step we took was to identify what the typical malls in Australia were doing. And then do the opposite. Australian suburbs are dominated by the Westfield malls. Their physical and digital ecosystems are governed by the "sell, sell, sell" model. 

We set out to create a digital space that encouraged the audience from information delivery to experiential discovery. A platform that blended information with editorial style content to create a richer experience for customers and enhanced value for retailers.

The Eastland brand allowed us to push the design to a new level. The T and L shapes allowed us to create a dynamic composition built upon the gestalt principles. With a juxtaposed grid, our aim was to encourage the user to discover unexpected gems of content. 



experience discovery.

In addition to the expected responsive site, we created 4 digital harmonious platforms that would complement QIC's utopian principles. Large experiential totem and podium kiosks sync with smart-phone way-finding apps to help aid discovery in the physical landscape. 


a new eastland. 

Eastland is to open to it's local community in October 2015. With the launch of the new centre, Lowe Profero will be delivering an ecosystem that is harmonious across all platforms - helping the local community feel connected with their new Town Square. 



Lowe Profero
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Justin Tauber, Marcello Tecleme
Nik Wright, Trevor Kay, Chris Dale

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